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Hey, I'm new, and hey! here's a fic. :)

Title: Hot
Author: Kat (corimari)
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Fox owns them, I'm just playing.
Notes: I'm a terrible speller.

Ryan was definitely hot. Anybody with a set of eyes could see that. So of course when Seth started staring at all of Ryan's smooth, golden skin, and felt his breath quicken ever-so-slightly everytime Ryan climbed out of the pool, Seth thought he would have to be asexual to not notice. Ryan was really hot, and Seth noticing was really just normal. It wasn't until Seth couldn't put his own hand on his dick without thinking about Ryan that he thought he might have a slight problem.

It wasn't even that lusting after a guy could be construed as gay in some manner of the word. It was the lusting after a guy who happened to your best friend and living as a brother in your house part that was freaking Seth out. Spending all that time with Ryan was seriously cutting into Seth's attempts at acting remotely human on a regular basis. Which was why Seth was acutely aware of the fact that he was sitting scrunched in one corner of the couch in the pool house while Ryan was sprawled over most of the rest of the couch. And Seth was definitely not fidgeting. Or darting his eyes around. Or biting his nails. Or--


Talking. Talking was not a good thing. The acting human thing definitely required some form of verbal communication and since they were living in the 21st century Seth didn't think grunts would suffice.


"What's the matter, man?"

Ryan stretched his leg out and prodded Seth with his toe. Seth was so tense and so wound up from just being in Ryan's proximity that Ryan touched him and Seth could swear he heard something go *snap* in his brain and before he knew it he was up off the couch and all he could think was 'slingshot.'

Ryan stared at him, surprised.

"Slingshot." Was all Seth managed.

Ryan's face twisted from surprised to confused before finally settling on amused. He shook his head as he sat up on the couch.

"You're so weird, man." He smiled and Seth wanted to say '1000 watts' but got distracted when Ryan reached out and grabbed Seth's wrist, saying something like, "Sit back down, jeez," while pulling Seth back down onto the couch and then all Seth could comprehend was the feeling of Ryan's hand on his wrist and the deep blue of Ryan's eyes and the fact that Seth had somehow landed close enough to Ryan to kiss him, and quite before he knew what was happening and QUITE before he had anytime at all to think, Seth *did* kiss him.

Seth didn't know which registered first; the soft feel of Ryan's lips against his own, or the fact that he had just leaned in and KISSED Ryan, and he didn't know whether he pulled away out of mortification or sheer surprise at himself.

"I--uh, um..." Seth knew his lips were moving and babble was falling out but he couldn't even hear what he was attempting to say. He stared at Ryan in horror and clamped his hand over his mouth, still staring at Ryan with eyes he figured were relatively the size of small planets.

The surprise on Ryan's face was obvious and Seth could only watch dumbly as Ryan slowly brought his hand up and Seth was waiting for Ryan to curl his fingers into a fist and punch him and when instead Ryan tentatively touched his fingers to his own lips and his face softened from surprise to mild confusion Seth thought he was going to die waiting for a concrete reaction from Ryan even if it was one that involved Ryan's fist and Seth's face.

An hour passed. Seth was willing to bet money that it was really twelve hours, but had made a mental note to stop exaggerating. Seth was frozen with his hand over his mouth as Ryan simply looked at him for that hour that Seth was willing to admit was probably really only half a minute.

Seth thought he was seriously having time issues when time started to go in fast foward mode after having just slowed down when Ryan reached up and pulled Seth's hand away and pressed their lips together again and then Seth couldn't think of anything that wasn't a curse word or Ryan's name.

Seth froze. He began to wonder how he had died because there was NO way this was happening in life and then Ryan was pulling away and--

"No?" Ryan asked, confusion and a little bit of worry spreading across his face.

Seth could swear he heard another *snap*.

"What? No! NO! I mean, yes, and no, don't stop, so yes, and--" He cut himself off when Ryan's mouth curved into a crooked smile and his eyebrows raised a bit.

"Uhhh.." Seth managed before Ryan was leaning foward again and Seth felt Ryan's lips AGAIN and all he could do was kiss back and whimper sort of incredulously. His hands had minds of their own and somehow found their way to Ryan's arms and then shoulders and the neck and oh with the touching.

Then Ryan was leaning back on the couch and Seth did not want any touching to stop so he followed and then he was on top of Ryan and the kissing was not stopping and the hands running up his back were most certainly not his. Seth had abandoned the idea of ever breathing again but apparently Ryan didn't, so when Ryan pulled away for air Seth decided some air might be nice but sliding his lips against Ryan's throat was really nice.

Still Seth wanted more touching and slipped a hand under Ryan's tshirt and Ryan's panting next to his ear and squirming underneath him was going to make him come without even a single thrust.

For the first time in his life Seth was thankful for his many years of unintentional celibacy and compulsive masturbastion so that he could hold himself off and not be completely embarrassed. But then Ryan lifted his hips a little and the friction even through their few layers of clothing was convincing Seth that he might end up embarassing himself after all. He seriously didn't care because he was totally making out with Ryan and he actually had his hand up Ryan's shirt and was touching and touching and kissing.

Seth ground his hips down harder and was rewarded with Ryan's nails digging into his back and felt his own breath catch at the sensation of pressing his erection against Ryan's and this was all completely blowing his mind. He settled into a rhythm rocking against Ryan beneath him and realized he was DEFINITELY not going to last much longer but from the way Ryan was frantically scrabbling at his back and arching up faster and faster Seth didn't think Ryan would either and that was totally fine with him.

He felt Ryan shudder through his orgasm and that combined with the small keening sounds coming from the back of Ryan's throat caused Seth to go completely over the edge and with a few final thrusts he was coming too. Seth tried to catch his breath but Ryan leaned up and kissed him instead, his breathing starting to slow.

Seth pulled back and stated down at Ryan who looked back through half-lidded eyes and a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. Seth thought it was probably the hottest thing he had ever seen and actually thought about going to jerk off to it when he remembered he had the real thing lying pliant beneath him and Seth thought he might faint.



"That. You. Were really hot."

Even if Seth could have formulated words with more than one syllable, Ryan effectively swallowed any vocalizations Seth might have had with another kiss that left Seth only able to think about how hot it was.

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