flyingtapes (flyingtapes) wrote in sail_to_tahiti,

FIC: Thirteen Ways of Looking

Title: Thirteen Ways of Looking Part I
Author: SA
Notes: AU from The Heights, because that's when I started writing it and it's too complicated to go back and change everything. Everloving thanks to mosca and callmesandy for their wonderful beta-work and general entertaining of my self-effacement. This story was a bitch to write, man. I started it in fucking November of 2003, after being indoctrinated to the OC (against my will [not]) by a ten-episode overload. The beginnings of this were scribbled down in the car back from DC to Kentucky, ten hours of driving and five pages of fic. Handwritten. Ouch. Six months later, it's complete, and it was worth it in the end, because I look at this story and get a dorky smile on my face. This is my Seth and my Ryan; this is the story of how they got together.

Part I and Part II
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