Bree (rage_blackouts) wrote in sail_to_tahiti,

FIC: chock full o'sex - part 4 - still NC-17

Yeah, I told you I was bringing back some older stuff, right? Well remember this pornalicious story?

chock full o'smut

chap 1 - in which everyone has sex in mexico (summer/marissa, ryan/seth, summer/ryan/seth)

chap 2 - in which there's more sex in mexico the next day - (summer/ryan/seth)

chap 3 - in which summer gets a nice gift from the boys and then proceeds to give it to seth (summer/ryan/seth)

Well, here's another chapter. This one is a bit of a crack-fic, as it gets a little OOC in places. But it's just a fantasy, so go with it. This seems extra-trashy to me, but that may be because I haven't written anything with this much crazy sex in a long time.

three-way phone sex!

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